Hi! I’m Ashley!
My name translated from Old English literally
transcribes to “ash meadow”, hence, the name.
I have been taking photos since my dad
gave me my first Nikon Nikormat when I was 13
+ I have yet to put the camera down.

Me, mid-fiesta.

I fell in love with photography through film +
strive to convey that look + feeling through my pictures.
I like to capture the raw essence,
beauty + emotion of a particular moment.
I prefer to keep things natural,
so my images are minimally processed.
I love to laugh, have fun and most of all
capture timeless images for people.
So let’s get back to the basics and
make some beautiful photographs together!
I’d love for you to let me tell your story.


every session is unique within itself + pricing
is dependent upon time, location, etc.

however, for estimate reasons, one-hour sessions begin at R2500.
for wedding packages, please contact me for an investment guide.

please contact me for specific information and
i can customize a package to suit your desires.
i can’t wait to meet you!

Clients include: Estee Lauder (South Africa), Clinique (South Africa), Wraredoll, Vero Home, Life and Design, and A+F Boutique.